Paying for a Citation or Case

Topic Revised: April 2021

About Payable and Mandatory Cases

For each search, the search is performed within the publicly-accessible Criminal/Traffic/Petty Case Records. For each public case found, the case number,
defendant name and date of birth, filing date and location, type and status of the case, and charge(s) are displayed in the search results list. For more information, see Pay Fines.


To Find a Citation or Case

  1. From the Search Results screen, review the results to find your citation or case.



  1. Click on the applicable case number hyperlink to view case information and make a payment. The Citation and Case Information screen appears.
  2. Follow the steps for paying a citation or case below.

To Pay a Citation or Case

  1. From the Citation and Case Information screen, review the details of your case and look to see if the payment button is available. If it is available and you are ready to
    make a payment, click Make Payment button. A “Processing the Request…” message appears.





If your case is payable online and there is a balance due, the “Make Payment” button will display on the right side of the Citation and Case Information for your case. A payable case is one that does not require a court appearance.


  1. Review the Case/Citation Information. If given the option, at the bottom of the screen, click Make Payment.





Upon clicking Make Payment button, you are leaving the Minnesota Judicial Branch website.


  1. Review the case and payment information, if you are confident it is displaying your citation or case, click Pay.




  1. Complete the Personal Information, Address Information, and Contact Information. Click Continue.




  1. Complete the Payment Information. Click Continue.




  1. Review your payment information and review and agree to the terms and conditions. Click Submit Payment. Wait as
    the payment processes.



  1. Review the payment confirmation details that appear. If you did not previously provide an email address but would like a copy of your
    receipt choose Print or Email.
     Click Finish. You are returned to the home page of Minnesota Court Web Payment. A confirmation email
    will be sent to the email address that you entered during the payment process.



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